Microsoft’s Small Business Server (SBS) product range was ideal for companies under 75 users, providing a very cost effective suite of features. The Exchange server email component was particularly good value. Small Business Server 2003 was a very successful product, based on Windows Server 2003. Support for Server 2003 ended on July 14th 2015 which means that Microsoft will no longer issue security updates for this operating system.

This has left businesses in a dilemma when considering replacing old systems. Migration to a newer version was curtailed when the SBS product line was withdrawn at the end of 2013. The replacement software suites don’t have an option to replace an on premise Exchange server at the same price point as the SBS package.
An alternative is to rent the hardware, software and service from an external provider for a monthly fee. The service is Hosted Exchange or Exchange Online.
Every business is different which means there is no standard migration.
Sure, the core elements and end results are similar but the migration path tends to require unique tailoring to the organisation.
BlackstoneIT can take you from the first step to the destination, providing a smooth migration journey.