BlackstoneIT specialises in network installation, integration and maintenance, primarily supporting Microsoft technologies but also catering for Novell Netware and Linux.

There are many types of network but they all have a common function – sharing resources. Resources are presented in various forms, from email and document storage to printers, telephony and internet services. By connecting the resources together over a common media they become available to the business. The resources can be stacked together, creating a centralised security and administrative platform that reduces maintenance overheads.

There comes a time when hardware or software becomes obsolete and needs replaced. Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 will reach the end of its lifecycle in January 2020.

Migration to a new platform can be similar to moving house – transferring years of accumulated data and resources in a coordinated effort to reduce downtime requires planning and knowledge.

BlackstoneIT can manage these migrations in a planned, controlled manner. Whether it’s an internal server upgrade, migration to an external Hosted Exchange service or physically moving to a new premises, let BlackstoneIT do the heavy lifting

Knowing what you have, what you want and how to get there isn’t as clear cut as it seems. Recognising the immediate and foreseeing the future technology requirements is the first logical step in building an IT infrastructure to support your needs. Decisions on I.T growth and integration are often long term investments with a reflected cost. Technology products are often peppered with acronyms and outside the normal business ‘comfort zone’.
Blackstone IT can assist with the liaison and decision making process to develop a clear understanding of the dependencies and business objectives.

Identification of key areas can be used as a proactive maintenance tool, helping to mitigate issues in the ‘day-to-day’ business environment. Why wait for something to break when you can anticipate problems and prevent downtime? Scheduled security patch installation, application updates, backup testing along with email alert notifications enhance the uptime and reduce downtime.

Unfortunately, malware (malicious software) infections are becoming more prevalent and sophisticated as criminals cash in on their ‘success’. Layers of defence are required to mitigate the risk – from security practices to application patch management and staff awareness. The latter is crucial as it is often the human element that opens the door to an uninvited guest.

BlackstoneIT can confidently provide the various layers of protection through tailored managed services.