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Blackstone IT provide high quality IT support, maintenance and value added IT services to a variety of businesses throughout Ayrshire. Strategies can be tailored to meet the business requirements – from reactive Pay-As-You-Go to more proactive maintenance with Service Level Agreements.

Focused on Small to Medium sized Enterprises and Corporate branch offices, we provide phone, remote access and onsite support to address the broad spectrum of business IT requirements.
From maintenance and troubleshooting to fresh installs and migrations, Blackstone IT can provide rapid solutions at a competitive price.


remote control
Blackstone IT provides flexible support services to accommodate your business requirements. Remote support is a prime example. The majority of the day to day maintenance or troubleshooting can be resolved without going onsite by using remote control software. This ‘Remote Access’ of a machine over the internet through a secure channel, has several key benefits:

Easily connect to a system in less than a minute. This is of particular advantage when assisting remote workers or branch offices that are in different physical locations as the travelling time is completely removed.
No callout fee. Again, with staff or branch offices being potentially hours apart, there is a tangible saving to be made.
Maintenance can be scheduled out of hours to avoid downtime and doesn’t require staff to provide physical access to the premises.

Decisions on I.T growth and integration are often long term investments usually shrouded in three letter acronyms and outside the normal business ‘comfort zone’. Blackstone IT can assist with the liaison and decision making process to develop a clear understanding of the dependencies and business objectives. Knowing what you have, what you want and how to get there isn’t as clear cut as it initially seemed. Blackstone IT will work with you to understand the requirements and propose solutions based on the criteria.
It is our job to concentrate on our core competencies – outsourcing to Blackstone IT will allow you to concentrate on your core business activities.